A fundamental aspect of mindfulness is cultivating awareness through the body. We are, after all, embodied consciousness. This body you were born into is the vessel or the home for your consciousness while you are here on earth and there is good reason to come to know it. Many would prefer to ignore this crucial.. read more →

05 Jan 2017
January 5, 2017

Mindful  Moments – Daily!

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  The path of mindfulness is multi-faceted and includes both formal and informal practices.  Formal practice meaning setting aside time for a specific mindful awareness practice like guided or unguided sitting meditation, lying meditation (Body Scan), yoga or qigong.  Informal practice is bringing awareness to routine activities of daily life – it doesn’t require extra time out.. read more →

16 Jul 2016
July 16, 2016

Summer – the Mindful Way

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How do you experience the season? Is it fabulous and fun? The energy of summer is so….VIBRANT and alive – sunshine, , flowers and greenery everywhere,… gardening, grilling, fresh summer produce and picnics, recreation and road trips – all sounds pretty good, right? Minus the bugs, blazing heat and stifling humidity perhaps? Can you see the beauty, the.. read more →

Successfully coping with chronic pain is a multi-faceted, complicated subject. How mind/body medicine and specifically how mindfulness meditation can be helpful is vast and varied terrain as well. Just a segment of this subject is addressed in the following – ways that practicing mindfulness can help to remediate chronic pain. Mindbody interventions for pain, particularly mindfulness.. read more →

Greetings! Here is to the sizzle of summertime and everything that goes with it.  May you enjoy!  Autumn will follow soon enough and with it new MBSR and Online Continuation Group (OCG) course offerings. The first MBSR Online Continuation Group (OCG)  wrapped up a to positive reviews.  Another OCG will be announced soon, it may be every other Tuesday at.. read more →