The endless physical and emotional demands on moms worldwide earns motherhood the appropriate mantle, “toughest job in the world.” The selfless essence of being a mom is too frequently at the expense of her own self-care, subjecting it to a low priority in her own well being. As a result, moms get depleted and their.. read more →

Self-compassion is one of our most complicated emotions, and among our most misunderstood. A mountain of clinical research and evidence proves that self-compassion can significantly impact your overall well-being, particularly as it relates to stress and anxiety. Mindfulness is a core element of self compassion. You must acknowledge that you are having a tough time… read more →

05 May 2016
May 5, 2016

Leadership, the Mindful Way

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Each of us leads in one fashion or another. We lead by example. We lead by direction. We lead by status — from the top down. But how many of us practice mindful leadership, leading from the inside out? That’s what mindful leaders do; they are entrenched in their ability:   to see things the.. read more →

02 Mar 2016
March 2, 2016

Greetings All…

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… from airspace over Shanghai, China! I am flying home after a month on an idyllic island in the Krabi province of southern Thailand. Mindfulness is absolutely crucial on a 30-40 hour journey; it isn’t always easy to stay focused as there are so many moving parts…luggage allowances, what you can bring in and out.. read more →

Nothing polishes a glowing disposition quite like a bright spring day. Unseasonably warm weather has seemingly pushed cold, gray, inclement days, and their inherent challenges behind us. And with nature’s annual re-birth, we are provided with opportunities to embrace new beginnings in our own lives. To that end, Mindfulness-Matters is presenting three MBSR offerings starting.. read more →