Mindfulness-Based Services

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a long-standing mind-body intervention that has the potential to be deeply healing, even life-changing. Mindfulness-Matters has been applying the art and science of mindfulness for over a decade. Our services include Individual and Semi-Private Mindfulness coaching; Group MBSR training; and MBSR in the Workplace – improving productivity, creativity and innovation.

Individual Mindfulness Coaching

Training in mindfulness is a journey in cultivating greater intimacy with your life – mentally, emotionally, and physically. It is a mind-body intervention that requires practice and application.

For various reasons, whether it be privacy, how we learn best, or limitations of a preset schedule, some people prefer working one-on-one instead of in a group setting.

While mindfulness-based programs are most commonly delivered in group settings, it is individualized, personal Mindfulness counseling that emphasizes you and your processes as the focus of each session.

If you’d like to learn mindfulness one-on-one, with a spouse or friend; to have regular sessions to deepen your practice, or for an occasional refresher session contact Lisa at 913-789-9696 or via e-mail to see if working together this way could be a good option for you.

“I appreciated the “peace of mind” that I gained and a chance to change my life and to know that it is always there and with me anytime-any place.”  – Charles

Group Mindfulness Training

Cultivate mindfulness skills and explore common and unique life-challenges within a safe, supportive group learning environment. By sharing challenges, successes and obstacles, individuals within groups tap a deep well of resources, enhanced by a variety of backgrounds and life experiences.

Through continued practice and engaged participation we uncover a deeper sense of connection to others.

The power of the group dynamic fosters ongoing motivation, support, a sense of acceptance and belonging.

. Not sure MBSR is for you? Attend a free Introductory Session to learn more about MBSR.

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“When we face problems directly and go through them, we discover new ways of being. We build our strength and our confidence to deal with future difficulties.” — Tarthang Tulku

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Mindfulness is not only a powerful exercise for an individual, but its reach on teams can take them from tolerant to highly functioning.

And much the same way other Group Mindfulness Training wields synergy on its participants, Mindfulness Training in the workplace raises employees’ effectiveness in all facets of their lives.

Past clients include: Blue Cross Blue Shield of KS, Kansas University Medical Center, Bernstein-Rein Advertising.

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Additional course and workshop offerings include: Mindfulness of Food and Eating, Mindfulness In Medicine, Mindfulness and Pain, and Conscious Aging.