02 Mar 2016
March 2, 2016

Greetings All…

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… from airspace over Shanghai, China! I am flying home after a month on an idyllic island in the Krabi province of southern Thailand.

Mindfulness is absolutely crucial on a 30-40 hour journey; it isn’t always easy to stay focused as there are so many moving parts…luggage allowances, what you can bring in and out three different countries and even more airports.

Security at all the airports is crazy tight and lines are interminably long, not to mention the five bins it took to inventory my belongings through the x-ray machines…shoes, laptop, small bottles, coats, packs, and more.

It pays to stay mindful when you are in public places surrounded by masses of human beings, bearing in mind that many countries do not have the same standards of personal space that we do in the U.S. That, in itself, can provoke anxiety.

As I’ve spent the last month letting it all go — just being and living — and now returning to the constant doing mode of contemporary American life, it’s a jolt that demands purposeful adjusting. Being mindful helps to stay present and not get overwhelmed.

Going to other, faraway, places is fabulous (as much of a hassle as the actual travel part has become). It expands your consciousness and personally, it makes me grateful. Grateful that I have a home, that I’m excited to come home and that I have the great good fortune to do work that I love.

Speaking of gratitude, I am so grateful to be going into my TENTH year of offering mindfulness programs to the Kansas City community. Thanks everyone for your support over the years and your interest in mindfulness; I hope to see you at an upcoming course offering soon!

Wishing you well,

Lisa Sig040