07 Jan 2016
January 7, 2016

To a Happy and Mindful New Year

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Greetings Everyone!

It is my hope that mindfulness helped you glide through the holiday season and into the New Year with grace and ease! Now that 2016 is underway and most of us are back into our routines, it may take less effort to include mindfulness practice into your daily lives.

Whether you are just beginning to practice mindfulness or you are a seasoned practitioner, finding ways and means to stay connected and engaged is paramount. Our own commitment to mindfulness, related books and websites as well as like-minded friends, all nurture our momentum and consistency of practice. Additionally, it is extremely helpful to have community with which to practice. For this reason, Mindfulness Matters will offer a live, online continuation group this spring for graduates of MBSR.

The venue will be one in which we can all see one other and speak to each other in real time. Weekly sessions will be about an hour, we’ll discuss a topic relating to mindfulness for 30 minutes and practice together for an additional 30 minutes. This program will likely be offered in six-week sessions. Watch for complete details in the March Mindful Moment.

I’m heading back to SE Asia very soon but will be checking emails, available via Skype or Facetime and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

I am grateful for your readership and your mindfulness practice. Remember, your practice benefits not only you, but those around you and potentially ripples out to others around them. Ultimately your practice benefits all beings everywhere.

Warm Regards,

Lisa Pinsker, MA